Peggle for iPhone


For those of you who read my blog, you would know that  I have a tiny little weakness for casual games. For those of you who don’t, WHY THE FUCK NOT?!

There’s always something appealing to me about casual games. It’s the way they are short, simple, and addictive, but also rewarding! Last week I reviewed Candy Crush, apparently the worlds most addictive game, and best thing to happen to Facebook stalkers everywhere. But once in a while there’s a casual game that manages to slip it’s way under the raider unnoticed.


Peggle is one of those games! Simple, addictive, and under rated! Think of it like one of those clowns at the carnival, that you feed balls into their open and ready mouths. Peggle is pretty much that, but less sexual! You aim a small pin ball at a whole bunch of other coloured balls and bricks. Hitting them will make them light up and disappear. Ultimately, the aim is destroy all the orange coloured bricks using a limited number of pin balls. Some levels have different power ups that either Triple your score, double your turn or light up extra orange pegs. Image

Overall, Peggle is actually a little too easy, and a little more childish. The game itself is also very chance based, taking away a lot of the actual play-ability. Some levels that are hard, are only hard purely due to the fact that the bricks you have to hit are in awkward positions. Skill needed to play this is minimal.

Having said that though, Peggle is addictive, fun and kills time on a long train ride. I probably wouldn’t recommend it to EVERYONE though, it definitely has no re play-ability value. But definitely give the lite edition a try!

Available now in the App Store.