Samsung Galaxy S5 K-Zoom

Samsung…Apple…Samsung…Apple…fast becoming the age old question. Since we luckily got our hands on this lovely piece of tech, we decided to review it over Apple!


Having a camera on your phone is now second nature. Without a camera, your phone might as well be a brick from Fallout 3. But the S5’s built in camera is something of pure awe. Fitting in a whopping 1.23 inch, 20.7 Mega-pixel lens with CMOS sensor and, wait for it, up to 10x optical zoom. To fit this all in, the phones thickness is roughly 0.65 inches thick, a little thicker than its predecessor.

On the outside, the phone still uses the same base shape that all Samsung users have grown to know. On the front, the S5 Zoom maintains pretty much the exact basic shape and size of the S4, with a slightly more rounded bottom edge, to allow room for the lens. The 4.8 inch screen maintains a 1,280×720 display, running Android 4.4 KitKat. On the back, the stunningly studded casing and smooth rounded back feels natural in your hand. The lens, when fully retracted, sits perfectly flush to the phone backing, allowing for maximum portability. Unlike the Samsung camera, the backing of the phone does not have that chunky, ugly part on the edge.


Inside the K-Zoom, the Samsung rocks a 1.7GHz Exynos 5 Processor, 2GB RAM and a 2,430 mAh battery. 8GB will be dedicated to internal storage with expandable memory option via micro SD.

All in all, it all comes down to what you need and want in a phone. If you don’t use the camera function much on your current phone, then this phone is not for you.


The Waterproof Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Lately, smart phones have been coming out that all advertise water and dust resistance to a curtain level. But I’ve never been that comfortable to actually test it out underwater. Until now!

I heard about the Samsung Galaxy Active when my regular Samsung S4 was stolen (cure word curse word) but I was more than happy for my network carrier to ship to me the newest flagship from Samsung, the Active, which they ensured was waterproof! After looking up the phone on YouTube, and watching other people put their phone underwater i decided I will try it out! The below photo is the result:


Amazing isn’t it? Let’s not forget that a PHONE took this, as well as using nothing but the front facing camera! Let’s DIVE into some more detail about the phone!


Straight away you notice the different look with new hard buttons and more robust backing. The model is a TOUCH taller than the Galaxy S4 but overall they are the same size. It still features 4.2.2 Jelly bean so operating the phone is just the same. 4G is of cause activated on the S4 Active, but can be found to run a little slower than usual at times. The speaker is clear and crisp and the microphone picks up voice very well and clearly when using speaker phone, and just like the S4, is still running a 1.9GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 chipset, and 2GB of RAM. Although storage can be expanded to 64GB, there is only 16GB available internally (around 11GB usable) which isn’t too much of a worry unless you are a heavy movie or app installer, which all run for quite a while on the S4 Active’s 2600mAh battery.


Unfortunately, as much as I do like this phone, there is quite a list of cons that seem to out weight the good. First off, the design. It looks nice and feels nice. But the hard touch buttons eventually begin to feel weak and flimsily, which may open up problems in the future. They are probably put there due to the fact that while underwater, the touch screen is completely useless. The slightest amount of water on the screen renders the touch functionality totally unusable, making the volume keys the only way to take photo’s or video underwater. So, while taking phone calls in the shower technically does work (Yes i have tried it!) when it comes to hanging up or having to use the screen for anything, you may run into a lot of frustrating times. The phone itself takes a while to dry internally, which also renders the speaker and mic useless for a few minutes or longer while it dries. To me, this is a small price to pay to take amazing underwater photos but I thought it may annoy some people to include it.

Taking aquatic photos may also be a good way of cooling the device, as it tends to run a little hot! Utilizing the same battery power as well as more insulated casing sounds not so smart. The screen itself is also LCD, not AOLED, so colours are not so vibrant and the blacks are not so deep. Again, not so much of a big deal. I only noticed because I really looked into it.

The phone is great but I would’n recommend to to anyone that will  not use the waterproof camera. Although being completely waterproof is an amazing feature, it seems that the Active has ONLY this amazing feature.



Pocket Mine – The Casual Gamer


Casual games! Ahhhh! The best thing to do while in the bathroom! This weeks Casual Gamer favorite is Pocket Mine. A new Minecraft like casual game that is dangerously addictive! The aim? Tap your way down the min as far as you can get! You only get a set amount of taps so beware!

You play as a little mine person which can be modified with different costumes and outfits. You start off with a pretty basic pick axe, which only has around 20 – 30 digs in it before it breaks, only allowing you to use it 20 – 30 times. Some blocks take 2 taps before it breaks, using up 2 digs off your pick axe! simple! As you go down the mine, you collect gold, ore, diamonds and coal which can be used as cash to purchase pick axe upgrades and more. Down the mine, you also find different types of explosives to blow up a group of blocks, and different power ups that are set at the start of each dig by 3 random cards.


Cards are a big part of Pocket Mine. You find them during your dig in the mine. Each Card has a different trait. for example, 1 card might say “100% more Bombs” Which will mean, well, 100% more bombs in that mine! You get 3 cards each game that really make things a lot more exciting. Cards are incredibly varied and there are a LOT of them! Cards can also be infused together to create stronger cards, if you happen to find 2 of the same card in the mine, giving even more dynamic to the game.


The downside? Oh yes there is a downside. Almost bad enough to render this game, as good as it is, SHIT! This game has an ENERGY SYSTEM! My mortal enemy! A system that some fuck-tard put together that says “FUCK YOU user! Your not allowed to play unless you have energy even though you paid of this game!”  Energy systems are the most useless system to gaming since the Wii U.

Apart from that, the game is actually a lot of fun, and dangerously addictive! so BE WARNED!

GTA V – Grand Theft Auto Five


Well, Grand Theft Auto V is finally here, and will more than 800 Million Dollars made off the game in a single day world wide, the hype for Rockstar’s best asset has never been higher! But how is the game? Let’s take a look!

The first reaction will you get straight out of the box is ‘WOOAahhh!’ as you pull out the massive map included in the box. It is unbelievably big. San Andreas set the bar for large maps with it’s multiple island Blaine County (Northern Country. What surprises me is the people from each county actually act the part. In the city, you get rich, upper  (to a degree) well speaking people driving nice cars, and littered with pimps and whores; and in the south, you get your country bumpkin, tobacco spitting, crap car driving red necks, littered with pimps and whores. It really does a lot to add to the experience of the game, while driving from one side to the other. The map being so large, however, still has a lot of open and unused space. The entire map only has about 20 to 25 different things to actually do which does make the size of the map a little redundant. However, It is still quite amazing.


In the city, your main characters are Franklin and Michael. Franklin, your typical black homie “N WORD NWORD NWORD”  swearing mumbling gangster guy, with a big heart and loyalty up the black arse  (My favorite guy)  and Michael. The rich, over protective ‘family man’ with a family so shit he might as well have screwed a bag of manure. From the south you get guys like Trevor, which I think Trevor deserves his own paragraph.

Trevor. If there was any game character that needed a trophy for best voice acting and script writing, it’s Trevor. From the introduction of this man and even while your playing his character and demeanor simply does an amazing job at making you feel like your part of the red neck society.  Trevor is a Meth addict and maker. His incredibly hot temper and Jack Nicholson / Heath Ledger as the Joker style dark humor does the job conveying a realistic and convincing insight into the world of underground drug dealership.

ImageWhat’s great about this game is you have the ability to switch between each character, either during a mission to get the best shooting angle, or outside of a mission, allowing you to complete missions set with the character you choose. Franklin also has a little doggie, Chop, that can also be switched to during missions, allowing you to sniff out further clues required for that mission.

Heists in the game are also included, which are now bigger, better and so much fun! The first heist you will come into is a Jewellery store robbery, which requires you to choose your getaway driver, alarm programmer, gun man, and weather or not you want to run in blazing with guns or do it smart. I chose to do it nice and stealthy, so I needed to first collect some knockout gas by intercepting a chemical truck, before stealing another truck and further supplies before even starting the mission! It’s Great! Each character can be found in your cell phone, and are sorted by skill level. he higher the skill, the bigger the cut!


You also have access to your iFruit smart phone, which is the most realistic in game smart phone ever! Rockstar games would have spend weeks putting together and making customized websites, links, stock pages, and brand names that is all displayed on what I actually thought was a real web browser. The best part of it for me is the stock trading ,which allows you to buy stocks and sell them when they are high!

Controlling your character is a little bitchy, though. The controls are non-accurate, boldly rounded and a touch laggy, especially when walking around. Simple things like walking through a narrow doorway can turn into a frustrating ordeal, especially when you are in such a rush! Apart from this tiny little annoyance, the game is stunning, fun to play, well told and brilliantly finished off.  It’s a definite 9 out of 10 stars.

You can win YOUR own copy here!

Beyond: Two Souls


Does everyone remember Heavy Rain? That really awesome QTE based movie style game that had an amazing and comprehensive story line by developers Quantic? Now does everyone also remember hearing about the new Beyond game being released at E3 2013? And how exciting you all were? How amazing is this game gonna be right? WRONG!!

Quantic, Quantic, Quantic….What the fuck were you thinking. What was meant to be such a greatly anticipated game has turned out to be, and I quote this from IGN themselves, “An Absolute Mess, that needs to be fixed!”

I was lucky, or maybe UNlucky enough to play the demo from E3 2013 here in Australia. Not impressed Quantic. Since you failed to put any thought into the story line or the controls of this game, I shall review it on a level that they will understand!

You play as Jodie, the main bitch, who has some other ghost bitch, Iden, who works in the CIA or some shit, and that has a friend in Somalia, but maybe their NOT friends because she killed some other asshole also in Somalia or some shit__ I DUNNO! The story is absolutly pathetic and irralivent to their previous Beyond title. I expected so much more from the makers on Heavy Rain, where they actually put effort and time into creating a vivid and realistic murder story in the time span on 3 days! Beyond: Two Souls spread their shit over 15 FUCKING YEARS!! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!? How do you expect to have a decent story line in 1 game when the story is over 15 years as apposed to 3 days?! I don’t know!

I also have no idea how you expect us to control these little shits of characters when they move as if they are being pushed and pulled by jetpacks carrying a Girraff on one shoulder, and a Hippo on the other! Jodie is mainly cover based, needing to duck a crawl behind sets and scenery. However the camera only points in 1 directions. YOU, making it near impossible to see what the fuck your doing, or where the fuck you are! The angle of the camera is always positioned in such a way that it gives you such a narrow spread of your surroundings. Controls for Iden however, are simply chaotic, complecated and confusing. You use the right trigger to go down and the right bumper to move up, and you lock onto an enemy by pressing the left bumper or somthing, and attack by holding that button while moving the analogue sticks in oppisite directions from eachother or somthing. Maybe you can also cast spells by using the right trigger to touch your nose while you recite the national anthem whilst Mars in perfectly inline with Mercury! It’s a mess! An absolute confusing, complicated, frusterating mess.

Appart from decent voice acting, and pretty well rendered graphics, there is nothing good I can say about this game! Nothing! And I doubt it will be fixed in time for it’s official launch. DO NOT buy! Save that money and get yourself $89 worth of note pads instead. You can make a flip book with them that has a more compeling story line.


The Last of Us PS3 gains Epic reviews

All over the Interwebs, Critics proclaim it to be ‘near perfect’ and ‘outstanding. But what makes it so good? Let’s have a look.20130621-110850.jpg
First impressions of this game is stunning, Graphically, and emotionally. Set in a deshevield American town, after an uncontrolable fungi slash virus wipes out the population. You control Joel, about 20 years after mankind destroyed. As the town life and city scapes are quickly reclaimed by mother nature, the Last of Us contradicts beatiful back drops of nature and tranquility, with dispair and misery. The game always brings the player back to the feeling loss and pain, with unexpected events, death and perfectly set lighting. The scene is sewt from the moment you turn on the game. Little side events that happen in the background are placed there for a reason, adding to the realism. Although sometimes it is noticable that the game is doing somthing on purpose.

While the Story may revolve around the fact that mankind is obliderated astetically, it feels more as if the STORY LINE is more focused on the interaction between your character, Joel, and Ally, whos backstory is planned and set remarkably well. While we as the player will relate to Joel and most other characters in the game, with them previously having a normal life before the virus, Ally was born into the chaos and misery less than 20 years ago. Her idea of a life is consistant drama. Her childhood non exsistant lined up next to Joel’s standards. Their interactions are nothing more than poetic, and perfect.

Game play, as you may already know is in third person. You not only have to defend yourself from other humans such as oppressers, goverment officials and outlaws, but the virus has mutated healthy humans into beings known so creativly as ‘The Infected.’ They are not silent, or stealthy, which takes away from the suspence, but does do somethin to add to the urgency avoiding them hurting you. There are also half infected, known as runners, and the chronically infected, the clickers which can call game over with one bite. The infected are not smart, and do not do much to watch their step and stay alive, unlike humans, who are smart and work together. This kind of interaction from the A.I. makes each combat situation different and unpredictable, requiring you to be on the ball and alert at all times. Ammo is extreamly limeted, forcing Joel to, wherever possible, use his hands nd a knife to quietly and quickly take out the unknowing. What I do LOVE about the Last of Us is the ability to combine items, glass bottles to Kitchen supplies you find in the enviroment, to create different weapons and fighting equipment to be used. Items you find are used to create items, which are used again to create other items. It swings a little too close to the crafting system of MineCraft, leaving alot of the design work up to you, to figure out what combination of what makes what! What I did like however, is the game does NOT pause while you make these items. Using a health kit can either save you or kill you, if there are enemies around to watch you do it. The sence of urgency is greatly increased, adding again to the realism.
The camera however is a severe kick to the nuts though, half the time the action is behind your massive head that somehow manages it’s way up to the lens! Movement is often slow and laggy, breaking flow of combat, and making precision action near impossible! There also seems to be a shit load of scissors and tape (for making shives) that are found conveniently and perfectly placed next to each other!

The Last of Us is being dubbed, a Masterpiece, fetching 10 out of 10 reviews accross the board. From stunning graphics to engenious story line and human interaction, it’s a game a deffinitly reccomend!

Call of Duty: Ghosts


Call of Duty: Ghosts was obviously the main item featured by Infinity Ward at this years E3. There’s been alot of speculation as to whether or not they would be able to pull off yet another call of duty, that will stand out from the rest. Being a semi fan of Call of Duty, the one thing that stood out for me, was the spectacular graphics. But Call of Duty: Ghosts does take on a rather similar feel to Battlefield, which to me isn’t a very good thing.
Earlier game play demos showed off a few new features, including underwater combating, extraordinary realistic cinematic combat, and, say hello to Call of Duty’s newest arrival, Ruff the Military Fighting dog! (Actual name is Riley but let’s face it Ruff is a WAY cuter name to yell out while your being mauled to death)

Riley the Military Service Dog (Aka- Ruff)

Riley the Military Service Dog (Aka- Ruff)

The game itself is very dramatic, seemingly for the sake of being very dramatic. The opening has you ziplining through canon fire, helicopters dropping shit and even fireworks. Chinese new years? I don’t know the game doesn’t tell you! I think they just needed an excuse to fire some pyro technics because it looks pretty! Having said that though, it does look pretty! Amazing in fact! One level requires you to laser cut a hole through glass, then kick it open. The tiny glass pieces are completely visible, glistening light from the burning heat from the laser look absolutely spectacular. The underwater level is done well, with small floating bits of wood rendered very clearly, and the smallest of air pockets and bubbles in clear view. These sort of graphics really let us see just how powerful the next gen consoles coming out after E3 are.


Call of Duty: Ghosts is very stealth based, as the title would suggest. Linear game play is usually standard when it comes to Stealth Game play, but Call of Duty: Ghosts manages to break the line, with super intelligent AI, forcing the player to duck without notice, adding extra tension and reality to game play.
Infinity also boasts it’s new ‘Contextual Leaning System’, which works by identifying a players interaction with any given object when leaning around a corner. This is said to dramatically reduce accidental ‘stepping out of cover’ when trying to lean. Call of Duty’s predecessors reserved peaking and leaning to PC titles. But infinity Ward has now promised to carry on this feature across all platforms.

There is alot of potential still of the Call of Duty franchise, as long as Infinity Ward continues to boast new and exciting features.