E3 2014 Countdown Begins!



It’s that time of year again, when E-Three-ver hits the town of L.A. We have a very brief run-down listed below!

Monday June 9

  • Microsoft – 9:30am. PDT
  • Electronic Arts – 12:00 noon PDT
  • Ubisoft – 3:00pm. PDT
  • Sony – 6:00pm. PDT

Tuesday, June 10

  • Nintendo – 9:00am. PDT


Nintendo announced Super Smash Brothers Invitational, with the best of the best Super smash brothers players will fight at the Nokia Theatre LA for a Wii U.

Microsoft announced “a number of fan-centric events” for everyone, not only in LA…not sure what that means exactly.

Nintendo gets excited about Nintendo Tree-house, a special booth that will feature in depth game demos and talks.



Apple paying developers NOT to release games on Android!


Have you ever wondered why all the good games are on Apple? Ocean-horn, Plants vs Zombies 2, the list goes on! It has been revealed by Big time Developer EA Games that they were paid by Apple to purposely delay the release of the widely anticipated game, Plants vs Zombies 2.

Although Apple denies any cash handed over to EA and Pop Cap, EA’s head Frank Gibeau came clean that Apple did in fact pay the mega giant publisher to hold off on the Android release. “Apple gave us a truckload of money to delay the Android version [of Plants vs. Zombies 2],” Although the exact amount was not disclosed during the press conference at a town hall held for EA games, it was unassumingly a lot! Like…a lot a lot!

This is the first Documented case of Apple paying a developer money to delay a specific platform, which indicates that Apple is feeling the market drops, as it continues to plummet below Samsung’s mighty Android Market, since the release the the Galaxy S4 smart phone.

Feel the burn Apple!

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LEAKED!


I was Absolutely SHOCKED to see what Samsung has in store for September!!! This is by far, the thinnest, sleekest piece of technology I have ever seen in my life!

The images, leaked by Alex Colon yesterday displays the impressively thin (2.2mm) frame supporting a large 5.6 inch touch screen. At first I taught it was just a phone cover. But it turns out it is the actual phone itself!!

The brand new flagship Smart Phone will run using  quad-core 2.3GHz ‘SnapDragon’ processor, an impressive 13MP camera, and an unbelievable 1300+ mAh battery!!


Stay on GameThief for more updates as it is released next week!

Apple iOS 7 Announced



Apple has just realised iOS 7, and I for one am amazingly excited!!

The newer, sexier, slimmer and more proffesional operating system for Apple devices, utilizes the crisp look of frosted glass, brigh colours and curved features. iOS 7 also comes inbuilt with Control Centre, similar to Notification centre, with quick toggles for Flight mode, DND mode, rotation lock, WiFi and Bluetooth, and more. There is even a flashligh toggle built right in! Clever! Check out some of the Major features:

-Multi Tasking now works with every app. You can now also swipe easliy from app to app.

-Air drop is now making its drop in to the device, allowing you to share photos and files to other nearby iOS users simply by tapping on their face!

-iOS 7 has upgraded the camera, now including filters built right into the camera app, as well as easy swiping through capture modes.

-iTunes Radio will now apprently be free for all users.

-Apps will now update automatically frmo the AppStore!!!

iOS 7 is offering alot more than just a ,major facelift. I’m yet to see it for myself, and I am not too sure weather or not it will be available on older devices or just the iPhone 5. More details as they come!!



Look Whos Buying – Playstation vs. Xbox Stats


p>Yeah yeah, like i’m surprised that Playstation kicked Xbox’s arse in the pre-sales. Who on MARS didn’t see that outcome? What I didn’t expect is how HARD Playstation kicked Xbox’s arse. Let’s just say, Xbox is now laying face down in a pool of its own piss and shame.

Like every other year at E3, Sony,  Nintendo and Microsoft *COUGH* wankers  grab the three top places for the number of pre sales. E3 2013 prooved a shocking embarasment for Xbox One. A massive and well deserved chunk goes to Playstation 4, with 81% of the presales. Followed very closley….to the BOTTOM by Xbox One….with 12%. It’s almost laughable. Nintendo grabbed the last 7% but that’s ok, because Nintendo is the loyal puppy we’ve all had since we were 5, that needs little attention, and only occasionally shits on the rug! But Xbox One is rivalling Playstation 4 like they are fighting for the world!

E3 2013 was an absolute cannonball for Microsoft. Their flagship has crashed, burnt and is slowley sinking! Disgrace!

Both consoles, Playstation 4 and Xbox One are available for pre-sale on Amazon. Playstation 4 is $399, and for some reason Xbox One is $499, but no one wants those anyway!


‘Rape’ Comment made by Xbox official on stage at E3

Ok people, I think that’s enough now. I think Xbox needs to re-build their entire staff! Because yet ANOTHER so-called ‘official’ was reported to make inappropriate comments that were a little too close to the ‘rape’ line, to another female employee.
Xbox Official and his female employee were giving a live demonstration of ‘Killer Instinct’ on the Xbox One. As the female player was clearly being beaten in the game, she remarked: “I can’t even block, and you are too fast!”   To which he replied: “Here we go, Just let it happen, It’ll be over soon.”

Although the remark did get a few laughs from the audience, many people behind stage and in the audience were taken back and visibly disturbed.C4zOaqh

The Female employee later remarked:  “You have a fight stick!”  He replied  “Wow, you like those don’t you?”  and finally, she responds seriously: “No, I’m not liking this.”

Personally, I think a remark like that is SEMI ok, when talking around with your mates and CLOSE female friends. But, you must be fucking stupid to so comfortably speak such stupid comments, knowing millions of people are watching you live. Xbox have once again shown pathetic sales technique, and utter disregard their viewers.462063-463deac0-d300-11e2-b860-d5a4f7ec6372

Twitter uses responded almost immediately after the remark, stating:

‘Wow. This is really gross. Male overpowering a  female in a game, so of course, rape joke. Good one, Msoft,’ @Vahn16

‘Even if it was unintentional, Microsoft  should’ve realized they shouldn’t  make a rape joke in an environment already  toxic with misogyny,’ @stillgray

‘Oh my god. One of the people just made a rape  joke onstage and the  audience actually liked it. That’s sick,’ @IatosHaunted

Needless to say, Xbox One is expected to lose majority of it’s sales, due to the past week riddled with pathetically excused Microsoft staff.

Vice President of Microsoft Studio Corp. Phil Spencer, released a statement defending the code of conduct the company has, and publicly apologized for the “off the cuff” remark.

As if people need more excuses NOT to buy the Xbox one! Learn to market yourselves guys!! Your nothing but a massive joke at the moment!
Experience the Awkwardness here: