Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LEAKED!


I was Absolutely SHOCKED to see what Samsung has in store for September!!! This is by far, the thinnest, sleekest piece of technology I have ever seen in my life!

The images, leaked by Alex Colon yesterday displays the impressively thin (2.2mm) frame supporting a large 5.6 inch touch screen. At first I taught it was just a phone cover. But it turns out it is the actual phone itself!!

The brand new flagship Smart Phone will run using  quad-core 2.3GHz ‘SnapDragon’ processor, an impressive 13MP camera, and an unbelievable 1300+ mAh battery!!


Stay on GameThief for more updates as it is released next week!


Playstation 4 will require Playstation Plus to play games


Yes, unfortunitly , our worst fears are officially confirmed. Playstation 4 will require Playstation Plus to access specific content, very much similar to Xbox Live, where they require up-front payments taken directlly from your SOUL!

But it’s not as bad as origionally skeptisized thaught. Single player games and apps will run like normal. But to play online, however, you will need to sign up to PS Plus to gain access, even with the disc. At the moment, PS Plus is around $19.95 for 3 months, or 69.95 for a full year. But knowing how big companies work, they will most likley go up in price the second the PS4 comes out! Sony has also confirmed that you will be able to transfer your current PS3 membership over.

More news as it comes!

Playstation 4 exclusive sneak peek Images

Who’s excited for PS4?! I AM!

So i’ve managed to source out some images from this years E3 Sony conference. The displayed to the public, a teaser trailer showing not only the game controller, but the actual PS4 unit itself. Have a look below:


The sleek, sexy simplistic design features a rather similar chasois to the Alienware Laptops. Through the centre, runs a fading line of white light. My best geuss is that this will be the indication of how the PS4 system is running. Similar to the Xbox green ring that always shows red for some reason!

More updates and game titles as they are released!

Playstation 4: The better choice! – QUICK FIX


We all know that I have never been a huge fan of Xbox. And now, hearing that the new Xbox One is literally described as ‘Disasterous’ my fan-dom for the product will continue to NOT GIVE A FUCK!

Roumer has it that the PS4 unit will contain 3 SKU’s ona ny single machine. Safe and reliable! Of cause Xbox One will include only one, and will be available for a scary price of $600 American. Playstation continues to win over my buisness, making their flag ship model available for as little as $399! Bargin! Im pretty sire my wii cost more then that!!

This isn’t confirmed yet, but I’ll get back to you as soon as I know more!! 🙂

The Crew – QUICK FIX

Will it be developed? Will it not?! The 2 month old rumour has now been confirmed. Ivory Towers and Ubisoft will be collaberating to create ‘The Crew’ in time for the release of the disastrous Xbox One, and the lord our saviour, Playstation 4.

An exclusive look at The Crew Trailer at this years E3 Conference in L.A. showed similar game play to Burnout crossed with Need for Speed. Zipping away from Cops, smashing shit over, followed by the phrase “Never drive Alone” does enough to entice me further.

There’s also rumour that the game will bring the racing world out into the MMO realm. Hmm…

Demos were shown in L.A., as well as New York.


More information VERY soon! Stay tuned!

Grand Theft Auto V – QUICK FIX


Once again, Rockstar do NOT deliver! The gaming company deciding not to realease the much anticipated Grand Theft Auto V game to the public until September 17th, aroused a slight suspicion, after the decision was made shortly after announcing the game will not be talked about at this years E3 convention in L.A. Rockstart usually does skip Conventions however, but speculation stirs as to where the sudden delay has come from!

More updates as I get them! You know the drill! 🙂


Playstation’s newest console to be released in time or the holidays (so they say) has turned this blogger way off!!
Our spies got in touch with a Sony representative working from Sony Australia (name disclosed)
Anyone like playstation plus?? Well I hope not! Playstation plus is apparently to be disconnected to make way for a, get ready for it, paid network, similar to the Xbox love network! I hope you haven’t brought games off the network because chances are they will no longer be able to be played online, if at all!

Upset? Leave your comments below and we’ll track you down the answers.