iPhone Kaching

ImageSo, Every now and again, a there’s a new app that makes me think….wtf? But in a good way!! When I saw this, I did just that!!
Commonwealth bank users can now control their credit cards and bank details with their iPhone, using a specially designed case called the iCarte!
The iCarte connects to your iPhone just like a regular iPhone cover. inside is an electronic chip that works the same way as the chip embedded in your credit card! So, at shops and cafes that accept paypass or pay wave, (that is, the device that lets you pay by simply tapping your card on the register) you can now tap your iPhone on the register instead!! I found that pretty cool!!

The Kaching app itself, which of cause is free, connects straight to your commonwealth bank portfolio, bringing up details on all your accounts, loans, and cards! Whats more is you can send a receive money not only via BPAY or bank transfer like normal, BUT also via facebook and text message! I tried this out myself and it actually worked pretty well! You can even bump another device to send money to their phone! I’m assuming this works over bluetooth or something I’m really not sure! its just really cool!!


The only downside to this app is the fact that if you have several credit cards, you can only activate 1 for paypass. It takes around 4 minutes to activate a new one, providing you have decent 3G coverage, so its not as simple as swipe to your preferred card and tap, but I have no doubt they will change this! (The fucking well better!)

The app itself is activated by using either normal netbank credentials (Client number and password) or a 4 digit pin, which you can change anytime! So security is not a problem! The app even automatically logs out  whenever you lock your device, or return to the home screen, So there’s no accidentally leaving it open on your work bench!

The app is free however the iCarte case can be purchased through the app itself for AU$49.95.


sennheiser mm 550X Travel Headphones

YES, I know, i’ve been away from my desk for a while but FUCK YOU i was in Paris, attending one of the countries biggest tech fests EVER!!

Although this weeks post isn’t about that, OH no, it’s actually on a products recently launched here in Australia!

That’s right, one of the worlds biggest audio engineers Sennheiser have just released their brand new flagship model for their amazing line of bluetooth headsets, this time, with apt-X technology. (We’ll talk bout that later)


First off, first impressions last! and I can guarantee the first impression you get is “FUCK OFF these are comfortable!” I was blown away! they fit so snug on your head, and stay there! I’ve had trouble with their previous retarded cousin model, the bt350, that decides to fall off and land on the floor whenever they bloody well please! But the MM550x has no problems obeying orders and refuse to come off! The leather covering containing the round circle shape speaker, (as opposed to the more oval Bose models) is a definite plus in getting the most comfort and usability possible while on the road. What is also a plus is the fact that these leather cups can be changed, if they get too worn! nice thinking Sennheiser! The head band is also leather, soft and comfortable. The stitching all around gives it the extra touch of class, making the unit look very pricy (GOO because it fucking IS!) although the side panels are now plastic, making it easily scratched, and don’t look all that nice, but it’s really nothing to stress over!


As far as features go, Sennheiser has incorporated its usual SoundGuard 2.0 active noise canceling from its previous model, and Bluetooth wireless audio, (duh) and we’ll touch on those in just a moment! Because there’s a new feature I don’t remember from any of the other models, called TalkThrough, which makes my life so much easier! If you push and hold the SoundGuard button it activates the noise canceling! BUT, if you press it and release straight away, it activates the exterior microphones allowing you to hear the outside noise for conversation and cabin announcements without actually having to remove your headset! And I found this to be a very interesting addition! In case you’re wondering the external mics can also be used to take phone conversations (if paired up to a mobile device) which is another fantastic addition. Phone conversation’s are extremely clear, and my friends can hear me quite clearly, considering the microphone is all the way up beside your ears.

NoiseGuard 2.0 does work generally well, although it works most effectively when dealing with the lower frequencies, like the rumble while on a train or a bus. Higher frequencies of cabin noises are still heard through the noise canceling, which I thought would have been drowned out a little bit. Overall the NoiseGuard could be improved in this regard, but ill probably rate it about a 7 out of ten, which isn’t all bad!

The MM550 also includes SRS WOW Surround Sound, which is shit. I’m sorry Sennheiser, but it doesnt work! I’ve tried it with movies, games, and even 3D binaural sound sets, and the Surround works better when it is OFF!! When you have a feature that works better in the off position, you know that there is something seriously wrong!! Although the SRS WOW feature does add an extra bass kick when listening to music, so ill let this slide!

Bluetooth capability has become a large part of day-to-day life in the past few years, and only recently has it been incorporated into audio headsets for the commercial market! However bluetooth audio quality is always an issue, (and issue Sennheiser has no trouble getting around)

Going back to the previous feature, apt-X, refers to the addition of an apt-X® codec, which in theory, delivers CD quality audio, when streaming over bluetooth! I must say the audio quality whilst streaming from my iPhone is quite remarkable for a bluetooth headset. The apt-X® codec does come with a hefty price tag, but then again, the model without the apt-X® codec is just as good, a little less pricy, but STILL fucking expensive.


Battery life on the unit is, as expected from Sennheiser, quite good, lasting for about 10 hours down, depending on how many active features you use with your music. The battery unit is also interchangeable, which is more good news if something tragic happened to the battery.


Overall, this headset is remarkably suitable for the busy traveler. It’s light, its comfortable, and its WIRELESS, incorporating both music and phone calls. The unit can also be used as a wired headset, which means if the battery dies, don’t need to stress! It also comes with a long list of universal adapters, including a flight adapter, so you can even use the headset in a plane!! pretty clever!

The MM550 x sells for around $500AU (more if you want the apt-X® codec included) but it is a premium headset. I give this product an 8 out of 10.

Alienware Orion Messenger Bag

It’s quite rare that I review something like this for my blog! After all its just a bag arent they all the same? Its like interviewing the couch used on the Oprah Winfrey set. But in this instance that isn’t the case! With the Alienware Orion Messenger bag, it’s still like interviewing a couch but only now we get to talk exclusively to the dent in the cushion from Oprah’s ass crack!
Yes, it is still just a bag, it’s not the crash hot with the ‘oh wow’ effect like my stunning face has. But it does have a few features that can set it apart from all the other bags in the same school. I refer to them as features because im not talking about just the stitching, or the material used, or whatever. Theres a few things Alienware has included in the design that allows for things like SafeScan at the airport, and frequency block out for you mobile phone.
SafeScan, also known as ScanFast if your American and FAT, changes the way your laptop case can travel through an airport security checkpoint. Unfortunately, since the September 11 tragedy all airports not jump at the first sign of anything just slightly more turbulent  than the wind between my ass cheeks! Usually you would have to take out you laptop and put it in a separate tray, open your bag right up and remove any other materials that contain metal and then have your bag laying open so the world can see your entire personal collection of panties and condoms.  But ScanFast says FUCK YOU to airport security, and allows the x-ray scanner to see right though the bag without having to take anything out! no need to open it up, or remove the laptop! just throw it on the conveyor belt and bam! instant scan! It really saves time if you running late for a flight, but some airports like to be dicks and make you take everything out anyway! You know just to give them something to do!


cool and handy feature added to the sex appeal of the bag is a ‘Silent Compartment’ inside the bag. It is designed for your phone when going into a meeting or interview. Its lined with a specialized magnetized material that completely blocks out any incoming signal or out going signal from your phone, making it completely safe to leave on during a meeting. The material they used to line it feel rather cheap however, but ive tested it with about 4 different networks and it really did the trick!
As for the actually feel of the bag, it is a little bit bulky when carrying it around everywhere, with 3 massive sections I wasnt expecting anything less, but having said that it is quite light! Until you put your mammoth M17X in it! It is definitely sturdy and will do what it can to take a few bullets for your machine, although the ‘CheckPoint Friendly’ part shown above does look a feel a bit cheap and tacky, and really dont seem like its safe to hold my laptop! I always wrap my machine in its soft bag first before putting it in this anyway. It feels like it will scratch the surface of my laptop, but I guess it hasn’t yet, so im sure it must be safe! Theres also plenty of storage inside the bag. There’s compartments for your books, CD’s, Pens, stationary, room for you power adapter, gaming controllers and even enough room for another laptop! (If your strong enough to lift it!)
These bags are available from the Alienware Website, under the ‘Gear Shop’ Tab, for around $90 AUS. although I got mine from a private dealer for $100 because i REFUSE to deal with Dell! No joke their customer service is fucking bullshit!! It took them 1 MONTH to send a technician out to repair the damage that THEIR TECHNICIAN did to my laptop!!! but that’s a story for another blog!

iPhone 5 Gossip News

Ok now im just as fanatic about the Apple iPhone as any other person with absolutely no life BUT…THIS has got me…just wow!

There is a few designs that have been circulating the internet, including an all glass model, completely transparent and ultra light. I heard that it will just be the same as the 4th gen iPhone only with new and updated features, maybe an Apple iButtscracher since they can do pretty much everything else! But this image courtesy of BEAMBLOG is the new (or one of the new) concept phones said to be the new technology which will be used in the new iPhone 5th generation. Featuring a state of the art futuristic design, along with flexible screen, allowing the entire phone to be completely transparent. You know,  for those dumb asses that always manage to drop it some way or another. The famous apple logo always stamped at the back of all apple products is lit up bright orange, and seems as if hovers over the users cheek as they talk into it.

Of cause, believe it or not this type of technology has been used many times before, like the Polymer Vision which features a 6 inch SVGA display, with the ability to be rolled up into a tube as thin as 12mm in diameter. Both Samsung and Sony have their own OLED prototypes which have been seen to roll up and almost crunch in all different directions. The user also has the ability to use ‘bend gestures’ to tell the device what to do.

I’m really not sure what on earth you would possibly need with this! you would lose it the second you put it in your bag. Or even more likely bundle it with scrap paper and throw it out by mistake. Just by look at these photos I can’t see any ports to plug-in a charger so unless this thing runs on pure will power alone, im not quite sure how to power it! These type of displays actually work with each individual pixel emitting its own light, rather than having a light screen behind it, like in LCD TV’s and Laptops, making it easier to bend. So the pixels im guessing the resolution would be much lower than a regular LCD panel.

Let me know your design tips in the comment section below!!

nVidia 3D Vision Bundle

There’s been a lot of speculation around 3D gaming regarding weather or not it’s actually worth getting. The reality is im unable to show you exactly how it looks through a blog or video, you’ll just have to go see it yourself you lazy things! But what I can do is give you a quick review on the nVidia 3D vision bundle that came with my glorious M17X R.3 Alienware heh heh heh heh thank you very much! Unless you actually see the 3D in action you wont be able to 100% appreciate it in all its pants off glory.

Stereoscopic 3D allows users to add the 3D effect to pretty much any game out, ever! If you laptop or pc comes inbuilt with nVidia’s 3D driver and 3D capable screen, then your ready to go! It isn’t the old style 3D that requires you to wear the red and cyan paper glasses that induce as much pleasure as belting your head upon a marble base. Instead for $149.00 you get a battery-powered pair of stereo glasses which instead of the older models which had a refresh rate of only 30Hz per lens, each lens will now render 1680×1050 with 60 HZ refresh rate, which means twice the headache! It does become very laggy when you try to run 3D on anything above 1680×1050 resolution though, which did become a pain in the ass since my Alienware has a resolution of 1080×1900, so i felt like i wasnt getting the full use out of my machine, but nevertheless it is still a very decent 3D effect.


Usually the nVidia 3D bundle will come with your 3D capable pc ready to use, as did mine come with my alienware. So im not quite sure where to purchase the bundle on its own, although im positive they are available online somewhere. It comes with a pair of 3D glasses, (if you went screwed over that is) a IR emitter, a soft case, a soft cleaning cloth, recharge cable, nose pegs and instruction manuals. Now the IR emitter only comes when you purchase the unit on its own. Because my Alienware has the emitter built right into the screen mine did not include the emitter. But if yours does it is basically a little remote control that allows users to control the depth of the 3D, similar to a volume control on your radio. It also transmits the signal the glasses need to be able to properly sync up with your pc.

The glasses do come with their own flaws though. they tend to flicker on and off if you sit too far away from the pc emitter which can become a big wet poo problem. At times I found myself banging the glasses because I taught they broke, when in fact all I did was lean my chair just a little bit too far back away from the computer! although it is a small price to pay for this model, since there’s no more fiddling with buttons and frequency settings, just turn the glasses on and between the pc and the emitter they will tell the glasses exactly what to do, and configure all settings automatically before running each game. It seems they took all the headache out of setting up 3D and put it into the headache you get when playing. I found my head hurting after about 40 minutes of gameplay, which is a step up from the 3DS, which i found myself snapping the piece of shit in half after 10 seconds.

For a real 3D experience you can’t really go past nVidia. And mind you it is REAL ‘Coming right at you’ 3D, not the bullshit 2 backgrounds crap the 3DS has. I had my entire family enthrolled at the test movie alone!

for quick and easy 3D, (if your pc can handle it that is) I recommend nVidia. Or if you prefer the headache your more than welcome to try the 3DS, but if you do, you’re not allowed on my site again!