E3 2014 Countdown Begins!



It’s that time of year again, when E-Three-ver hits the town of L.A. We have a very brief run-down listed below!

Monday June 9

  • Microsoft – 9:30am. PDT
  • Electronic Arts – 12:00 noon PDT
  • Ubisoft – 3:00pm. PDT
  • Sony – 6:00pm. PDT

Tuesday, June 10

  • Nintendo – 9:00am. PDT


Nintendo announced Super Smash Brothers Invitational, with the best of the best Super smash brothers players will fight at the Nokia Theatre LA for a Wii U.

Microsoft announced “a number of fan-centric events” for everyone, not only in LA…not sure what that means exactly.

Nintendo gets excited about Nintendo Tree-house, a special booth that will feature in depth game demos and talks.



Look Whos Buying – Playstation vs. Xbox Stats


p>Yeah yeah, like i’m surprised that Playstation kicked Xbox’s arse in the pre-sales. Who on MARS didn’t see that outcome? What I didn’t expect is how HARD Playstation kicked Xbox’s arse. Let’s just say, Xbox is now laying face down in a pool of its own piss and shame.

Like every other year at E3, Sony,  Nintendo and Microsoft *COUGH* wankers  grab the three top places for the number of pre sales. E3 2013 prooved a shocking embarasment for Xbox One. A massive and well deserved chunk goes to Playstation 4, with 81% of the presales. Followed very closley….to the BOTTOM by Xbox One….with 12%. It’s almost laughable. Nintendo grabbed the last 7% but that’s ok, because Nintendo is the loyal puppy we’ve all had since we were 5, that needs little attention, and only occasionally shits on the rug! But Xbox One is rivalling Playstation 4 like they are fighting for the world!

E3 2013 was an absolute cannonball for Microsoft. Their flagship has crashed, burnt and is slowley sinking! Disgrace!

Both consoles, Playstation 4 and Xbox One are available for pre-sale on Amazon. Playstation 4 is $399, and for some reason Xbox One is $499, but no one wants those anyway!


Microsoft’s Disgusting disregard to their Xbox Fans

Microsoft Xbox is already up shit creek with their announcment of so many dissapointing aspects of their new Xbox One, announced at this years E3 L.A. Convention. But it is their most recent comment, made by Xbox Official Don Mattrick that has disgusted and outraged faithful Xbox fans.


When asked by GN reporter about the Xbox One’s internet requirement setback, Mattrick arrogantly replied: “We have a product for those who don’t have proper connectivity, it’s called the Xbox 360.”
GN’s reporter was visibaly taken back and shocked by the remark, and stumbled to gice the response: “So, that’s it? That’s your response?”

The comment is a real insight on the little care Xbox has for it’s patient fans, who made Xbox what it is today, despite Microsofts many many many many floors.

Game Thief was informed of a video of the remark, but was suspiciously taken off the internet shortly after viewing.

I think the company needs a serious overhaul, begining with the sacking of arrogent pricks like Mattrick.

View the awkward moment here:

Alienware at E3 – BRAND NEW DESIGN!

Imageomg omg OMG OMG YOU GUYS OMG!! Here’s something not even I knew!! Alienware is at E3!!! And boy do they have news for you!!

For a long time Alienware has lead the way for laptops, with their outstanding and unbeatable performance laptops and gaming machines. Now, they have completely re designed their image of their line of laptops, according on very surprised onlookers.

Magnesium alloy, solid charcoal finish casing, and smooth sexy rounded edges is a new take on their previous, more bulky models, such as the M17x, or as i like to call it, My Baby.  I have no news regarding the AlienFX keyboard just yet, but as for the track pad, it is now completely lit up, making this machine far more up to date.


Time to get technical now, nerds take your place! With Intel’s next generation core i7 4700MQ processor, nicknamed “Haswell” along side nVidia GTX 7XX Series GPU, 750GB HDD and MINIMUM 8 GB of RAM, the new Alienware is sure to smash the gaming market hard. Screen sizes range from 14″ up to 18″, similar to their R3 models, starting at $1,199. Not bad! The higher end model, Alienware 18 will also feature 1080p PLS display, Dual nVidia GTX 765M GPU and a slot loading drive.

I for one am extremely excited needless to say!!

Playstation 4 will require Playstation Plus to play games


Yes, unfortunitly , our worst fears are officially confirmed. Playstation 4 will require Playstation Plus to access specific content, very much similar to Xbox Live, where they require up-front payments taken directlly from your SOUL!

But it’s not as bad as origionally skeptisized thaught. Single player games and apps will run like normal. But to play online, however, you will need to sign up to PS Plus to gain access, even with the disc. At the moment, PS Plus is around $19.95 for 3 months, or 69.95 for a full year. But knowing how big companies work, they will most likley go up in price the second the PS4 comes out! Sony has also confirmed that you will be able to transfer your current PS3 membership over.

More news as it comes!