Since forever, the idea of the paranormal has always fascinated human kind! So It’s no surprise that Game developers have been riding the band wagon for years now pumping out anything that is remotely spooky scary or just plain cruel! So without further a due I present to you Lucius, the little demon seed boy that you just want to kick in his grudge ripoff face.


The idea of going around killing people in gruesome and unusual ways gets you off doesn’t it? YES it does don’t lie, so there’s no question that in theory, Lucius is one amazingly fun game.You control Lucius, a young boy with the the devil as his father, who wonders around his parents enormous mansion gathering souls to bring back to the devil, who apparently lives in Lucius’ bedroom. Your diary, which thankfully your parents do not find, has all your victims written in it. Each kill gains a new power or strengthens an existing power, such as telekinesis, which you use for the next kill, and so on. Each Kill or ‘Chapter’ begins with you waking up in your bedroom, which breaks the flow of the story line a little. 


Killing people isn’t as simple as it seems though. Each one is like a puzzle, with only ONE specific method to get the job done! each kill requires you to figure out EXACTLY what to touch and press at the EXACT right time while the stars are PERFECTLY aligned above the third hair on your left ball sack! As the game goes on you begin spending 80% of the game play time wondering around the endlessly large mansion trying to figure out what to do or where to go! One kill required me to move boxes from one room to another  which had no relevance to what I actually had to do to progress the Story! I later realized that what I did was a chore which grow your good behavior! Useless! utterly useless! Crucifixes within the house also drain your power unless turned up side down, which is a nice touch. However they do not do anything to you unless you are close enough to practically lick Sacred Jesus’ Feet, so it’s a little redundant! Power regenerates immediately anyway. 

The Game lacks direction, and says FUCK IT! Wonder around on your own and figure shit out by yourself! There’s no proper tutorial or help if you get stuck, making you guess your way through the entire story! I gave up when I was told to kill the head maid. That’s it! I looked it up online and it turns out I had to wait for ages until she got up from her chair then I had to go into the kitchen with something I found in a another room and poison her food and god knows what else!


Overall the game is fun until you have to close it down every 5 minutes to look up the FAQ online to see what you have to do next, how to use your power or how to play the game in general. The game was not taught out enough, and it is clear that it was pushed out as fast as possible! 2 stars at best.


nVidia Shield Handheld – Straight from E3


Straight from E3 L.A. 2013, a product that I would NEVER had thaught exsisted!! A brand new handheld gaming device from nVidia, The nVidia Shield!

The fairly chunky unit was prototyped back in January this year, but has since been cut and polished, and featured at E3 2013. High quality, and re inforced plastic does its job to make the console strong and durable, yet retains a smooth soft feel. The D-pad has a slight curve, for imporved accuacy and comfort, as well as indented joy sticks for smooth control. The nVidia Shield also features semi press L2 and R2 buttons. The L1 and R1 buttons however are not softpress, similar to the control of the Xbox 360.


The unit does seem to be based around Android functionality, hosting many Android demos, ie. Conduit. The 720p 5″ screen makes for stunning graphics and smooth rendering throughout gameplay.

Playing whilst  connected to a PC did somehow bring my rating down slightly, as latency was quite high some moments, even with minimal WiFi interference,  which did break the flow of game play. Most other times however, graphics and controls ran smoothly, as if I were playing locally.

Around the back, we find HDMI output and USB connectivity, as well as a fully functional SD memory card slot.


So far the nVidia Shield will cost between $300 and $400. Compared with one of my other favorite handhelds, the PS Vita, that price is quite reasonable.

Alienware at E3 – BRAND NEW DESIGN!

Imageomg omg OMG OMG YOU GUYS OMG!! Here’s something not even I knew!! Alienware is at E3!!! And boy do they have news for you!!

For a long time Alienware has lead the way for laptops, with their outstanding and unbeatable performance laptops and gaming machines. Now, they have completely re designed their image of their line of laptops, according on very surprised onlookers.

Magnesium alloy, solid charcoal finish casing, and smooth sexy rounded edges is a new take on their previous, more bulky models, such as the M17x, or as i like to call it, My Baby.  I have no news regarding the AlienFX keyboard just yet, but as for the track pad, it is now completely lit up, making this machine far more up to date.


Time to get technical now, nerds take your place! With Intel’s next generation core i7 4700MQ processor, nicknamed “Haswell” along side nVidia GTX 7XX Series GPU, 750GB HDD and MINIMUM 8 GB of RAM, the new Alienware is sure to smash the gaming market hard. Screen sizes range from 14″ up to 18″, similar to their R3 models, starting at $1,199. Not bad! The higher end model, Alienware 18 will also feature 1080p PLS display, Dual nVidia GTX 765M GPU and a slot loading drive.

I for one am extremely excited needless to say!!

Amnesia: The Dark Decent

Now bear with me my fellow readers, it took me quite a long time to type out this blog, since my hands couldn’t stop shaking and i kept retreating to the near dark corner to cry uncontrollably while I imagine a wobbly mutant thing tearing off my testicles. In other words, this game scared me. I’m scared. Amnesia: The Dark Decent is honestly the most unnerving gaming experience I have ever had. despite that the game was actually quite good, I couldn’t get to the end because i was that terrified i forced myself to stop playing before I shook myself to death! See I’m one of those people who absolutely love horror games and movies but when it comes to actually playing one I chicken out, and try to combat my brain to force it to finish! Like a bulimic forcing themselves to win a pie eating contest!

You play as Daniel, a man with a mission to hunt down and stop an evil sadistic madman from the past…I think. You, unfortunately have been stricken by amnesia, (hence the title) and have to walk around a massive dark gloomy castle with only a candle and some mentos to help you! What I like about the gameplay is the fact that there’s no HUD, health bar, stupid combat hands that cover half the screen, it’s just the wilderness of the castle and that’s it!

What makes this game so scary is its pacing. It takes you at least 40 Minutes of game play before you even BLINK at a monster, and even then he stands 30 meters away covered in dust and smoke! Nevertheless I still found myself ducking and hiding for cover. And you can only look at an enemy for so long before you ‘sanity’ begins to drop. Sanity is what keeps you sane believe it or not, and it is depleted from witnessing unsettling events, looking at a scary mutant or funny enough, staying the in dark too long. But the dark is the only way you can hide from monsters,  it’s up to you whether you choose to hide in the dark and go insane, or be killed and served and the monster ball buffet. The screen has this blurred, warped effect each time something happens which is absolutely gold in drawing the player into a particular scenario. You also have nothing to defend yourself. No guns, knives, fire or anything else can be used against your enemy so your only option is to either hide, or slam a door in the mutants face and hope it wont break through it.

The game does take a while to get started though, having you walk around aimlessly down corridors, or dungeons, but my take on that is that its there to build up tension and draw the player in before scaring the living shit out of you. this is the kind of game where ANY LITTLE MOVEMENT at all will frighten you. ANYTHING! I wont say too much about the game since its far more effective if you are ignorant about it, for example i brought this game thinking it was the PC equivalent of Limbo, a game i only NOW understand to be an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive. So when i sat down and started playing it, only to find it worked better as a laxative the fear was so much more…..well frightning! It even prompts you that its better to play the game in darkness with the sound turned up.

If you’re looking for a genuinely horrifying, thrilling and scary game experience then look no further. Amnesia will have you shitting bricks right up until the end. But if your looking for a game TRYING to be horrifying and scary but instead serves you 40 million tonnes of meat with faces painted on them, dancing around in brightly lit rooms, then I guess you can try Dead Space.